Thursday, November 5, 2009


At the recommendation of FRENCH ESSENCE, we viewed "Le Grand Bleu", starring Jean Reno (Frenchman as Italian)--I fell totally in love with this darling little, perfectly rusty, vintage Fiat 500 . . . look at the trailer!!

Okay, so not totally functional for those of us hauling treasured junk across the countryside.  This 1957 promo-photo presents the little Fiat in a totally different light.  Somehow, the juxtaposition of the promo versus the rusty, crusty one embraces the whole vintage passion movement . . . the appreciation of the old, the broken-down-but-still-standing thing.  (Kinda like me!)

This photo is a riot . . . reminds me of the ever-present challenge of fitting everything into limited spaces in preparation for the caravans to antique shows!!

Ah, yes, I wanna be a Ferrari when I grow up . . . .!!

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Gayle said...

Debi--we will miss you at Stars, but I totally get it--we can only do so much. Really fun to see you at Expo but you are always too busy with customers to talk......

love the little rusty car also......

Gayle from Stars