Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let There be Light . . . .

At this time of year--while the days remain short--antique lamps & lighting are front-and-

center in our shows. We never know what will inspire us to create something unique . . . truly

one-of-a-kind. In this case, an accidental fall led this European seltzer bottle to become our

latest creation. I just love the modern feel it has, although the bottle is turn-of-the century!

(We also have two more of the original seltzer bottles available.)

Here's a close-up of the bottle, showing the beautiful "optic swirl" thick glass and the etching

which reads: "The Harlech Mineral Water Co." The perfectly-scaled, black base was

adopted away from the bottom of an antique, Victorian ewer.

Here are the two "complete" survivors of the artistically inspiring crash. We were so fortunate

that only the neck was broken in the third bottle--via nova!!

This antique, American (wonderful green patina) coffee mill had lost its top, so we gave it a

bit of cosmetic surgery by adding a reticulated, antique copper shade. It was the perfect

topper! This looks great in a kitchen or on a desk. Currently resides at Pacific Galleries,

Madison Park 14.

Read closely . . . ya just can't make this kind of thing up!! ;-)

These industrial metal basket pendant lights were made from two vintage baskets I had

purchased from Luluz at the very first Funky Junk Sisters Show, which I participated in. It

took us awhile to figure out what to do with the baskets--and it was thrilling to see the results.

Hard to tell from the photo, but the weave in the metal baskets is quite intricate, and we used

antique copper pipes from our 1905 home to serve as wire covers. These great industrial one-

offs found a new home with Kelly of Catty Wampus--thank you, Kelly!!

An antique, heavy wallpaper roller (one of my personal collection) has become another one-of-

a-kind industrial/cabin lamp. It's large scale would be great in today's decor calling for the "less

is more" approach. The mid-century shade is made to resemble "shark-skin." Currently resides

at Pacific Galleries, Madison Park 14.

Jim was on a roll with this series of musical instruments-inspired lamps. Note the first

lamp on the left includes a coffee mill AND cornet as the base. The middle one is a clarinet, and

we used the reed and mouthpiece as the finial! The lamp on the right is a flute. The entire

collection was purchased by a personal friend who loves music and appreciates the unique

quality of these renditions!

One more lamp is packed away, getting ready for the January 31st Sand Point Antique &

Design Market . . . a Fenton, pink glass, hobnail ruffle bride's basket turned romantic

nightlight--perfect for your sleepy Valentine!!!

We have many more traditional lighting pieces coming to the show--stay tuned for another

photo shoot soon. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our custom

lighting . . . or anything else you see of interest in my blog posts. Your comments are ALWAYS

appreciated, and thank you for dropping by Ormolulu!!!

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Sister Patty said...

Hi Debi,

Your lamps are PHENOMENAL! You know how much I love lamps and chandeliers. You won't have those babies very long, so enjoy your photos!

Thanks for sharing,