Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pacific Galleries - New Year's Update

Well, out with the old . . . and in with the old! The urge to purge that comes with the New Year is not exactly "do-able" when dealing with just one space. But we managed to move several big things around, pluck a few tired items and add a few phenomenal, old finds to the mix. The French, cast iron antique cross is truly stunning--one of those things I'll regret letting go of!

That four-foot Coke button sign has been my "roadie" for some time, and I'm glad to have a wall to hang it on . . . it's dang hard to keep moving it around. Would be so cool in a loft with industrial stuff, don't you think? The little concrete fella playing the pan flute is garden statuary--very unusual!

The giant bird cage in the background is on a pedestal and is made of COPPER--never have I seen another one like it. The industrial wood mold is art by itself. The massive clam shell (tridacna gigas) weighs in around 200 pounds--the biggest one I have (and there are two more at home, a bit smaller)!!

Consistent with my nutso obsession with signs, here's "Rx DRUGS" (cropped to "rugs", sorry!) which would be fantastic for a pharmacist or physician. My guy, Wilbur (Jim named him after the pig in Charlotte's Web), is the beefy (?) boar's head on the wall . . . carved Black Forest oak leaves drape around his 70-plus-years-old neck. He is much larger than he looks here and is quite a phenomenal trophy mount.

There's a wall-sized plasticized map of Tacoma in the background, vintage soda fountain dispensers (very cool, shiny black), mixed with more traditional items like a Wavecrest urn and Bradley & Hubbard wrought iron lamp.

These awesome, carved wood legs (probably from an old kitchen table or butcher block) make an architectural lighting statement.

Please drop by" Madison Park 14" at Pacific Galleries in Seattle . . . email me if you have any questions or need to find something else--much more is in storage!!

Next stop is the continually improving Sand Point Antique & Design Market on Sunday, January 31st . . . see you there at 8:00 am for early buying!!!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010 . . . we can do this together!!

xo Debi


Sister Patty said...

Hey Debi,

Let me give you my list... I'll take the cross, the Coke sign and the concrete cutie, birdcage, all of the clam shells, the map and light, and why doncha' throw in that fuzzy critter as well! Just drop them off and I'll be happy as a... no, I won't say it!

Everything in your space looks phenomenal -- I'll bet you'll be missing a whole lot by the next time you head to Seattle!

Thanks for sharing -- GREAT photos!

Deborah Burton said...

. . . are ya sure ya don't want that gift-wrapped, Maam?

You've transported me to Fantasy Island, Patty--thanks so much for the encouragement!


Anonymous said...
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