Friday, January 29, 2010

. . . pure poetry

February skies . . . old man winter fights

the losing battle,

. . . just enough to keep us indoors

a bit longer.

Bursts of lingering holiday reds & pinks

transform into Valentines

. . . and promises of love!

Galvanized grays . . .

. . . tentative blues . . .

oh, beacons of fickle

clouds of Spring.

Books holding seeds of seasonal change

. . . inspire us to begin

the impending sowing and reaping.

Roses memorialized in venerable prints

. . . petals never to fall in vain.

Gerbera, strong & hardy . . .

sunshine on the darkest of moody days.

. . . pearls

. . . and girls

. . . and swirls

unfurls the dawning day.

The rosey light awaits beneath the gently fading shadows.

Hold fast,

. . . see the change

. . . glorify God's miraculous work underfoot.

Hope springs eternal

. . . the nature of things

. . . inescapable awe of little informants

marching winter toward an eagerly blossoming earth!

CELEBRATE the cusp-of-winter-into-spring and witness the unfolding at the

Sand Point

Antique & Design Market

this Sunday, January 31st . . . 8:00 am early birds!!!


Sister Patty said...

OH MY GOLLY! That is absolutely beautiful... the words and all the photos! I am using a giant magnifying glass and I'm trying to see all the details! Are you taking all those treasures to Sand Point? If you do, I'll bet they won't last long.

Thank you so much, Debi, for sharing this. Great blog!

And good luck Sunday!

Ormolulu said...

Aw shucks--thanks, Patty. Your words make my heart sing! You don't need a magnifying glass . . . just double-click on the pics for larger images.

Yes, all items are going to Sand Point on Sunday--and so MUCH MORE (can you spell g a r d e n ? !)

xo D.

AuroraSuzette said...

Pearls and swirls! Love it. Really love that statue....