Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Peninsula Dreamland . . .

A trip to celebrate Peggy's birthday in Port Townsend led us to many

lovely places. We had our cake and ate it too at Silverwater Cafe, our favorite

restaurant in town.

Below are photos of Norma Burtz's cottage shop called "Finders Keepers".

It's a keeper for sure--be sure to stop by on your next trip to P.T.!!

This is Norma--isn't she just adorable?! If you combine her last name with my

sister's and

mine, you would have Burt, Burtz & Burton!!!

Peggy needed some birdseed, so we stopped at Wild Birds Unlimited,

in between Pt. Townsend and Sequim. It was glorious, even at this

time of year--come on spring!!!!

LOVE this fence made of pitchforks and old fan blades-turned-into-flowers . . . .

This DRAGON is made of odd metal parts--perched on top of the pergola gate.

Concrete doves sitting on a "pie" . . . tucked underneath low-lying tree.

The drive to Forks (where my sister lives) is blessed with incredible views

as you careen around the hauntingly beautiful Lake Crescent.

. . . can you feel the stillness?

We saw four proud bald eagles, but the photos didn't capture the magnitude of

their splendor!!!

I feel my blood pressure drop just looking at these photos, and I am reminded

of all in life that is

truly important . . . THANK YOU dear sister for a fantastic visit!!!!

xoxo Debi


Peggy said...

Fantastic photos and blog Debi! Your pictures captured so much of the essence of what we saw in person - it's almost like you are there again! Thank you so much for making my birthday so special this year.

Love you bunches,
Peggy xoxo

Sister Patty said...


OH MY GOSH!!! What wonderful photos! You are so lucky to have a sister that lives just far enough away to be able to enjoy such a beautiful drive. The lake is so incredibly still... didn't you just want to skip a rock across the surface to see how many times it bounced?

Did you come home with a car full of treasures???

Thanks for sharing! Wish I could have been a mouse in your pocket!

Ormolulu said...

Patty, I've NEVER seen Lake Crescent that calm--it was almost zen-like!

Returned, oddly, from my road-trip with . . . two road signs! (No, I didn't dismember any state-owned poles you rascal.)

Too short of a trip, but serendipitous nevertheless.