Monday, February 1, 2010

Aperitif . . . .

How can you "take it all in" when there's so much good stuff?! Here's your

"aperitif "

to top off the first

Sand Point Antique & Design Market of 2010 . . . .

Only in our dreams does everything find a new home at any given show. If

something catches your eye, but sure to email me--it

might still be up for adoption!!!

Thanks so much for the continued support of our FABULOUS CUSTOMERS

who show up and make this all worthwhile . . . your compliments and

friendship are inspiring and so much appreciated!!!


Peggy said...

Wonderful photos of your wonderful treasures, Debi. What is the item on the left in the last photo? That is really interesting. I hope that some of these great things found new homes. See you soon!

Peggy xoxo

GardenGirl said...

Thank you! I wondered where that little mirror went!

I can come get it,
Thanks for letting me know...and for our great stuff we got from you too ;)
Deb @ garden party

Deb @ Retreat said...

Debi, I am so bummed... the photos I took of your FABulous red 'Jeweler' sign didn't turn out. That lighting in the building just kills everything!

Your booth looked wonderful and I'd be shocked if you had any of the locker baskets left!

Deb @ Retreat

Sister Patty said...

WOW! Your stuff looks so fantastic! I'll bet your truck and trailer were completely empty when you went home!

Hope you didn't freeze this time.

Thanks for sharing such great photos!

Michelle said...

Hi Debi :) so nice to see you yesterday thanks for stopping by - it was a great visit you are so kind! I hope you enjoy your new treasures and will see you "out there"!

junkrescuerbeth said...

Your booth was filled to the brim with such great stuff. I'm still dreaming about those locker baskets!

Beth of Salvage Studio

Ormolulu said...

Thanks, Beth!

PLENTY OF LOCKER BASKETS still available. They're in EXCELLENT condition, too!

Anybody interested is welcome to email me for details.