Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lilac Lemonade . . . .

The King & Queen of Lilac . . . Jim & Marilyn.


The beauty of a less-than-anticipated turnout for our

first (but NOT last) vintage market in Laura's garden at MoonRose

was adequate time to really enjoy the people, the sunshine

(on Sunday--certainly not Saturday!), the serenity of

the gardens and an opportunity to just breathe (something I

don't do enough of, that's for sure!).

Hope I haven't disappointed fellow foodies that

there is no real "recipe" for Lilac Lemonade here . . .

. . . just the recipe-of-life kind, if you know what I mean!

Debi & Michael of Garden Party dropped by on this gorgeous day,

and we had a meaningful discussion of the not-so-fun things that

sometimes occur . . . circumstances which are meant to offer us wisdom.

Michael's frequent business travels to China have certainly

moved him to appreciate just how good we've

really got it here in America--even with the economic stress!

The standard of living in China for those at the head of the pack,

shall we say, is significantly different than ours. Yet, they

seem to be such happy, warm and loving people.

The value placed on people and relationships is shown differently . . . more

comfort with physical contact, more willingness to interact with

others rather than hold oneself at a distance.

(I need to take that to heart . . . stop and smell the lilacs!!!)

THANK YOU Laura . . . this was a delightful chance to reconnect our

friendship--so glad it's still there after all this time!!

You are truly one lovely, mega-talented woman who deserves

the greatest happiness and success in life.

* * * *

Stay tuned for information regarding future markets at MoonRose.

It was a happy day . . . hope Kandi, Rocky, Donna, and John had

a good dose of that beautiful Sunday sunshine too!!

xo Debi

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AuroraSuzette said...

Lovely post. Those lilacs are gorgeous. I'm always so tempted to 'borrow' some blooms from my neighbor's tree, as I don't have one (or room to plant) at this house.