Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary ANNIE'S in Snohomish!

Happy fifth anniversary to Annie's in Snoho--my, how time has blasted by!

What a tasty and totally fun celebration today!!

As always, the shop was a-bloom with thoughtfully displayed,

and gorgeous temptations (all at 20% off)!!

The industrial-focused window display was a real eye-catcher!

Annie & Mary were joined in the celebration by several

other friends too . . . recognize these sporty glitter shoes?!

Yep, Madam Junktacular herself, Timi (don't even have to say her

last name and you KNOW who I'm talk'in about), was on hand

to promote the much-anticipated Junk Junket to the Farm Chicks

coming in June. (Move over Oprah!)

Patricia Mackey of Tippy Stockton also joined the soiree, showing

off her newest and STUNNING bejeweled creations!!

This is Kris Watkins of Cafe Couture . . . take a look at these hand-crafted

creations for the home and table. (And doesn't she look

fabulous sitting with her display?!)

Check out these charming napkins rings . . . .

We didn't go hungry with all that calorie-burning shopping--and the food

was simply divine! But that wasn't all . . .

Along with drawings for door prizes and French soap for each customer,

there were separate drawings for a gorgeous tile

(some of the selections above)

as well as another one for a BBQ (hoping that one has my name on it!).

Wow, is that generous or what????!!!!!!

(Photo of the BBQ is being shy and won't upload--sorry!)

It seemed like several hours before I finally tore myself away from

the festivities . . . fine people, fine food, and treasures

for every appetite.

Wishing Annie's of Snohomish MANY more years of success!!!

xoxo Debi


AuroraSuzette said...

I need to plan a weekend getaway up there, don't I? Nice pictures.

Shelly said...

Great Pics Debi!

Fun sneaking down from Joyworks and seeing everyone! Bridgette did an awesome job on the food!

The shop and EVERYONE looked amazing! Can't think of nicer "neighbors!"


Linda Q said...

Great photos Debi, I did some too but then it seems everyone elses look better than mine.
It was a fun day, I got a much needed ME day in and loved it!