Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poppyseeds Flea Market - May Day!!

No time to unpack & repack from MoonRose Garden Market . . . bringing

the whole enchilada plus some *new* merchandise!

One of my passions is a collection of unique hangers with

advertising . . . you won't believe the quality of these common,

everyday items from long ago, especially compared

to all the plastic-unfantastic stuff on the market today!!!

Lindsey Simmons, the owner of Penny Lane in Bellingham (who

recently had her first--and so adorable--baby, "Wyatt Edward")

makes these heartfelt and beautiful cards . . . also,

there will be a few antique postcards as well.

An antique, wire garden gate will be on the scene too.

Antique swim locker doors-turned-planters . . . just three left!

Hope to see you this Saturday morning at 10:00 AM

at Poppyseeds in Stanwood . . . weather looks like a go--hooray!!!!


Come Junk With Us said...

Very cool stuff! Hope I can get there early enough so I don't miss out!
Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

Shopgirl said...

Hi Debi!
Can't wait to see all of your beautiful things!