Sunday, September 12, 2010

. . . 2nd Saturdayz . . . 1st rate!!!!

Yep, my 1st *2nd* (Saturdayz) was totally 1st rate!!!

Coffee & donuts in the morning . . . .

Sandwiches in the afternoon!

Great music and even

better people!!

I just love the diversity of vendors and vintage

merchandise. The atmosphere was

open, friendly and FUN!!!


I had the terrible misfortune of taking a nose-dive to the

concrete during setup day, stepping through an

antique print on my way down. Big,

angry, swollen blood vessel in my

injured ankle--not at all


. . . there are better ways to get attention, but it was nice

to be treated with such concern and

helpfulness. I'm soooo very

grateful there were no

broken bones!!

Okay, you won't hear any more about that!

Remember to contact me if you see anything in my photos

that you're interested in!! I haven't yet had a show

where I sold-out of everything "in stock."

(But, then, you *know* how much

stuff I bring, right?!)

THE BEST and freshest Tuscan Silver Neck garlic braids

were a hit among the cooks . . . and I've got more!!

Sooooo . . . here's what you may have missed in other

booths at 2nd Saturdayz. Above photo captures

only part of team Linda, Janet and Debi

at the front entrance . . . WOWZA!!!

John/Bob Cool Stuff's gorgeous autumn theme . . . of course!!!

John/Bob Cool Stuff's lockers and back-to-school theme.

My friends, Brenda & John of Circle Creek Home, put together

a fabulous booth in record time . . . check out that

way-cool "P A R K " sign!!!

Julia's booth was stunning, decked out with the most

gorgeous vintage clothing!!!

Virginia's display was eaten up like dessert!!

Sheryl's booth had an amazing array of vintage treasures

(some of which I plucked for myself)!!

Andrea's booth of The Curious Nest had fine, tiny treasures

you needed to linger, and linger, and linger over!!

Elizabeth of Fussbucket's World and her friend, Kathryn who

manages Common Folk in Bellevue had stunning,

hand-made jewelry, creations & vintage.

(Sweet, kind neighbors, too!)

This is a snap of Billie & Pat's booth from Thorp. Lots of

great garden, vintage, farm-chic goodies at great

prices . . . can't wait to go see them soon!!

Just a touch of Jill, my friend from Pacific Galleries--and

friendly neighbor extraordinaire!!

The always-elegant Dawn of Great Findz. I think we're gonna be

seeing a lot more of this talent in the media after she knocks

out the customers of Remnants of the Past Show

in California this October!!!

Patty Thompson, another friend from Pacific Galleries had a

swoon-worthy, cultivated style--look at that

French campaign bed!!!!

This is Nia of Summerland Style, whose reupholstery talents

include a new set of classes she's conducting in

Bellingham, Washington (where we

live, too). She's a real


I didn't catch this gal's name, but tons of great furniture

at "take it home with you" prices!!!

Okay . . . briefly back to Ormolulu and a simple saga. You remember

the previous post on "craft project for two-left-thumbs-me"?

Ah, so relieved to have it done . . . set it aside very

carefully so it wouldn't get lost and, YEP, I

lost it in all the schlepping! At the

end of the show, I found the

culprit: book-cover-eating PUMPKIN!!!

(Just look at that Cheshire-Cat grin!)

* * * *

Thanks, Bob, for letting me share in the swap even though

I had not yet found my contribution . . . but, in

the end, all was well -- except for the

froggie that jumped off

the deep end!!!


Please join me at my next show: Sand Point Antique & Design Market,

Sunday, October 10 . . . ahhhh I have a chance to rest up my ankle!

xoxo ~ Debi


Betsy said...

Oh wow! I love all your stuff and all the other goodies too. I want to come shop:-) I've become a follower...must come back and check out all the goodness!!

Carol said...

Wow, what cool pictures, thanks so much for sharing! Sorry to hear about your fall, hope you get along ok!
Carol in GA

Trisha Brink Design said...

Wow! Thanks so much for sharing all the lovely photots! I couldn't make it...maybe you saw La Von and Kim? Anyway...your booth was lovely as always! So many great vendors to choose from as well. Sorry to hear about your tumble...reminds me of a trip I took down the steps during the Lynden show! :) I pray your ankle will heal quickly, and that you will have a little well deserved rest before the next big show! :)

Shay said...

Wow Deb, hope your ankle is ok..your booth looks amazing as always,and the other booths are very well displayed.
I have to check it out next time.

Ice your ankle.
Shay~ designer junk finder

GardenGirl said...

Awww Deb thanks so much for such a beautiful job at 2nd Saturdayz, rest up, your ankle looked terrible I saw it! You are one tough cookie, and didn't miss a beat! Can't wait til's going to be great!

Thanks again,
hug,and feel better;)
deb said...

Debi, what beautiful photos. I'm so tickled and pleased that you commemorated the day for all of us. I only managed to grab 2 snaps before the show started and completely forgot to get back to it! Not use to taking photos, I guess. Anyway, It was so truly wonderful having you as a neighbor. In fact, Kathryn and I found all of you so delightful and are so happy that we'll be together again soon... at the next 2nd Satz. You MUST stay off that ankle, though. It really is nasty.... maybe let a doctor check it out, too.

Lisalulu said...

such eye candy... I'll have to come back later to drool some more!!! glad it was fun, but keep ice on your ankle!!!!!!

Linda Q said...

Well since I couldn't go, at least you showed me what great things I missed with your photos. Thanks, I think?! LOL
Get your ankle better. Maybe I can get to the one in Oct.

Summerland Style said...

Thanks for the shoutout Debi! As always, your booth was an amazement of presentation. I'm really in awe of that ability that seems so easy for you and the other veterans. I'm learning new things each show I do. See you soon, I'm sure!