Thursday, September 9, 2010

. . . homework (to me!!) . . .

Painful . . . first-ever (since grade school) "craft" project for

"type A" Ormolulu. Book-cover swap meet at

2nd Saturdayz Market . . . do I have to?!

Fete-accompli . . . I think. Glue-gun strings in my mouth.

How do you talented people DO this????!!!!!

Why is this FUN?????

* * * *

Hey, it turned out kinda nice . . . book cover from 1890 Textbook Series,

burlap edge, old brass stencil 2 (in honor of *2nd* Saturdayz!)

filled in black on the book cover, little froggie crawling across the

pages (end of summer splendor), and an unusual wooden "2" domino

(more for sale this Saturday!) below the stencil. Black & white

antique push-pins tied up in sissal bow. The end.

* * * *

Gotta go floss the glue strings out of my teeth. Crafting 101 for me . . . .

This post is dedicated to all you hard-core artisan crafters out there.

I am completely humbled. Now I'm going to get that root canal--not

afraid of that anymore (maybe easier for two-left thumbs-me!!).

xoxo Debi


Peggy said...

It turned out very well, Debi. You did a FINE job:)

Love you,
Peggy xoxo

Lisalulu said...

crafting should get easier with time... love the spiderwebby thing it is sitting on! good luck Saturday!

Lisa Hilderbrand said...

Nicely done...
See you Saturday!
Lisa of Lisa's Little House

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Whatcha' mean, you're not a craftsperson? You could have fooled me....that's cuter than heck! You have a great eye for design and combining materials.