Monday, September 6, 2010

Greenbank Farm . . . what a fabulous weekend!

The outcome of a "good" show is dependent on so many subjective factors.

Since this is my blog, I get to be subjective . . . he-he-he!!!

Little Heather (above) was having a wonderful

time, as were so many customers.

I think that is "good."

The show promoter, Paula Williams, has exquisite taste and

equally lovely displays . . . I think that is "good."

Gaye Rolstad, known for her remarkable, professional design

capabilities and exquisite antiques that reflect her true

nature as an avid and sophisticated collector (and

who is beautiful inside & out) had a very

stunning booth. Yep, "good" again.

Nina McFall . . . one of the most sought-after dealers (including by me!)

at any show she's in . . . had a fantastic nautical theme this

time. And, on Whidbey Island (or anywhere,

really), I think that is "good".

Sheila and her Mom of Ravenskeep always have true

antique treasures that have marked time

so elegantly--as well as their own

*hand-made* textiles!

Yes, oh so "good".

Above photo of Nina, George, Gaye & Sheila who are

treasures beyond measure as beloved friends!

Okay, waaay better than "good" right?!

The exotic touch of Jenee "B", and her unique eye for the

decorative arts is always a crowd pleaser.

We're still way into "good" here.

Jim & Judy's booth is the one people always LOVE to dig

through . . . you never know what you'll find! (Well,

there will always be buttons!) Oh, happy "good."

Kate of Ageing Fancies in Seattle is always a crowd pleaser . . .

. . . and her sense of elegance and beauty is a joy to behold.

Her booth was always full of happy customers.

Continue spreading the "good" . . . .

Julie & Julia have the most perfect, amazing antiques.

Carefully curated, impeccable sense of detail

in what they select. Yes, "good" indeed.

Do I get to say "good" on my own booth?

Okay, I claim "blogger's rights" again . . . goodie!

Continuing on with the discussion of what makes a "good" show,

there is comeraderie and FUN with each other--no

lack of that here!! Jenee, Kaye, Randi, Megan,

Kate, Paula (thank you Paula for

hosting us!!) and I enjoyed a

FANTASTIC breakfast

together at:

I briefly saw my friend, Ann Flynn . . . who just opened up

the most beautiful Wholesale Decorator Fabrics

Shop in Freeland, right next door to . . .

. . . Polly who also opened Foxglove Antiques!

Freeland is packed with great places to find antiques and vintage

treasures, including Mutiny Bay Antiques

owned by Randi & Rolf Astrom . . .

. . . and the charming Red Rooster Antique Mall (where

Kaye of our "breakfast club" works!).

Sooooo, when you combine all the heart-pleasing attributes

of fun, friendship, beauty, laughter, happy customers,

and PERFECT weather (a lucky perk, I know),

not is it just "good", it's freak'in GREAT!!!

Thank you again, Paula--and your helpful, cheerful family--never,

ever have we experienced so such much help at

a show . . . you are the kindest people,

and the show was a blast!!

My sincerest, warmest thanks also extend to Gaye & George Rolstad,

whose comfortable and elegant hospitality were

the frosting on the cake!

. . . who needs dessert after that?!!!

xoxo Debi

* * * *

Here's a brief video clip from Jim's cell phone of just a tidbit of the

bucolic grounds at Greenbank Farm . . . what a venue!!


Carol said...

Looks like a "GOOD" time was had by all! Sounds GOOD to me!
Carol in GA

Shelly said...

Oh Sweetie, looks like you have had a "good" weekend, with lots of fun friends!

I'm itchin' to go over to the Island and explore these fun sites!

Call me when you are rested up!

Hugs and love you to pieces,

BuNgAlOw BaY said...

WOW :) a TRUE happy filled show and vendors ~ You are a GOOD girl to say the least! xom