Wednesday, December 15, 2010

. . . . Christmas tidings . . . .

Ormolulu is open for business--always--on this blog.

If you see items you love, they can certainly

be shipped. Please inquire by email

if something catches your

eye. Don't be shy!

Unfortunately, our opportunity to show special Christmas merchandise

at 2nd Saturdayz is behind us, due to the *Grinch virus*!!

Many things are still packed--some are at Pac Gal--

and here are just a few sweet treasures

still here in our home.

Please feel free to scroll through ORMOLULU's previous

posts to see if something is on your gift list.

Quicker than a nod from Donner

and Blitzen--it will be sent

to your home!!!!!!

* * * *

It's a busy, busy time . . . so much to do, especially

if you have small children in the home.

I'm wishing all of my friends

a holiday season filled

with the quiet



special moments

with your family and friends!!

xoxo ~ Debi

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