Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a bit of * Vintage Bliss * bliss . . . .

Just getting started at *Vintage Bliss* in Conway.

Denise calls her shop "A vintage emporium 

of fabulous things", and I'm happy to

be part of that fabulousness!

Never having done a space in the center of a shop before, this

is a new challenge.  Will take a bit of time before it

becomes the way I like.  But here's a little

peek at what's developing . . . .

Getting the *structure* in place will take a bit of experimentation.

But it's a lot of fun, and I just love being closer 

to home.  Conway is just 30 minutes

south of Bellingham.

I have some vintage, French-style furniture at really

great prices . . . so come take a look!!

Antique, decoupaged screens from the Victorian era are just

incredible . . . how I hate to part with them!!

Over the next few weeks, I'll be updating you with more of 

my new finds . . . some GREAT stuff

is coming soon!!!

Our next stop is 2nd Saturdayz Urban Market in Seattle

at Warren G. Magnuson Park (in the

Workshop, as always). 

* AUGUST 13 *

We've missed our friends and customers there and look forward

to a happy reunion!!  With a few big shows behind

us, it's time to ENJOY the more intimate

surroundings of our favorite

local shows!!!  

* * *

P.S.  Please be sure to stop by Ruffles & Rust
Square in Snohomish for my big sale!!


Peggy said...

Oo-la-la! You have some pretty things in your new digs! Much love and much luck in your new endeavor there. ♥ Love you, Peggy

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

LOTS of yumminess!


Shell said...

Lookin' Good Girlfriend!