Wednesday, July 27, 2011

. . . and now, the extra "LU" in ORMOLULU . . .

Although my first post regarding the definition of "ormolu" wasn't 

particularly well-received, I still hope to balance it with

the remaining explanation of my blog

name . . . "ORMOLULU".

. . . and this is the additional "LU" to my "ORMOLU" . . . 

Maybe it's because I was forced to grow up at such a rapid

pace as a child . . . work beginning at age 11,

picking strawberries (I know, nothing 

new to many of you!).  But I was

out the door and on my own

at age 18 . . . on the


My parents felt a responsibility to make sure we were

all as independent as possible--as early as

possible--in our lives.  I always felt

that my childhood was cut

short.  Maybe that's

why I still



I felt a deep yearning for the stability that antiques represented

to me quite early in life . . . beginning with the old

things in my grandmothers' homes.  But

I certainly did NOT want my 

home to look like

theirs' did!

Each new generation wants to create "their own" look, 

and today is certainly NO exception!

Connecting to a fresher look has been so important in the more

whimsical and creative aspects of today's antiques

and vintage business.  But Ormolulu's roots

will always be in the "old",

where high quality

means depth &


Much of what I see in "design" today seems trite

and "throw away" . . . and for someone

with my "shakey" start in life,

it has no grounding 

feeling for


And, as time goes by, I become more and more excited by

the possibilities in utilizing the old, the rejected,

the unusable in a new form as

beauty . . . art!!!

The chippy, the rusty, the crusty, the simple but strong,

the utilitarian, the organic and natural

objects that have no peer on

the planet . . . sigh!!!

 * * *

"Skip to my "LU" my darling . . . !"

~ xoxo ~


Callie Magee Antiques said...

I loved and identified with this post. It was the best!!!
I think that was the best explanation for having obsessions with toys, dolls, and things we
did not have enough of or enough time with when we were children.
Keep on writing.

Vintage Green said...

Love, love, love, your bottles....

Also love your photography in these two posts!

Ormolulu said...

Thank you Lois and Vintage Green. You made my day!!! Was beginning to think I made a mistake with these posts. Good to hear your kind words.

BTW, I have some apothecary bottles for sale! Just email me if you want info:

Hugs from Bellingham,


Martha at Authentica said...

These posts are marvelous!!! Never a mistake to let us get to know you and your talents even more!!!!
Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Beautifully said!