Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Farm Chicks "sandwich" . . . first, the bread!

Symbolically speaking, I've just experienced the

best-darned sandwich of my life!!!

The first-and-third-parts of this "journey-sandwich"

included two terrific slices of bread:

George's Bakery and Bad Girls Antiques in North Bend

(on the way to Spokane)

. . . and The Yellow Church Cafe in Ellensburg

(returning home to Bellingham after the show).

* * * *

The delicious and deeply satisfying "filling" of the incomparable

Farm Chicks Show will be my next post, so stay tuned!

This antique, decommissioned GIANT mixer stands loud

and proud in the bakery cafe--a piece

of pure, historical sculpture and the biggest and heaviest one I've

ever seen (no Sue . . . Joe says you can't buy it!)

This is the front window of George's Bakery.

Just imagine all of these vintage baking tools showing

up at a Farm Chicks Show!!!

The case of goodies is topped by vintage

aprons, pot holders, and

other vintage "kitschen" paraphernalia!

Before bounding back onto the freeway (happy tummy), a

mandatory stop at Bad Girls Antiques.

I always find something wonderful to take home

(thanks to Jeanne & Hal!).

If the van hadn't been so full, more

of these garden cuties would have made the

trek to Spokane with me!

Now--moving on to the second slice of tasty bread

in my "journey sandwich" . . .

This is The Yellow Church Cafe, owned

(and catered) by the talented Rhoda Simpson.

A phenomenal kobe burger for Jim and chicken alfredo

for me . . . a fitting reward for the successful (and exhausting)

show in Spokane. Oh, yes . . . another piece of chocolate

cake for the road (can you get enough chocolate?)!

Check out the ceiling inside the cafe . . . there is

so much to be grateful for in life!

. . . charming reminders that frequently the small things

in life are what truly matter the most.

Serendipitously, I saw this pale yellow pickup truck

on I-5 just north of Everett . . . warming my heart and soul

with a sweet reminder of Saturday night's festivities

at dear Celeste's phenomenal Chaps Restaurant!!

Oops--getting ahead of myself . . . the filling for this "journey sandwich"

will be served in short order!

xoxo Debi


Jan LaFollette said...

Where is the bakery? So darn cute with good food, too.....WOW! Sounds like you had an excellent time!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I think Joe Would say that...
We had to get my son - in - law over to help bring the medical cabinet in the house. Just a bit too heavy for this tired girl. :o)
See you soon!