Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pac & Hap!

We've been going at warp speed . . . from one venue to another.

Back to basics--update Pac Gal space.

Always an unusual mixture of beautiful items,

from junque . . . to rustic . . . to mid-century . . . to fine!

There's a sophisticated, bohemian "feel" to it.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Iconoclastic refusal to theme my display . . . the

world offers so many awesome treasures--you pick what rocks your world!

Briefly revisiting Hap's Barn Sale--what a group of amazingly

resiliant vendors. Friday was gorgeous, giving

us false evidence of what was to come.

Yet--in the POURING DOWN RAIN--lost count at 800 people (!)

venturing down the long driveway to explore

the treasures underneath our water-sagging tents.

I made some fantastic new friends, shared some wonderful

food & beverages (:0)) offered by Hap Rowley for all of us to enjoy.

And enjoy we DID!!!!!!

* * * *

Craven Farm Tailgate up next (had enough rain, thank you very much!).


Anonymous said...

I want to hear about Craven Farm when I see you in July - I've heard its a fun show
Sorry it rained on you - I guess there is no escaping it!

Debbie~ said...

OMG! Hi Debi, I'm not sure you'll remember, but we met at the Skagit Fair grounds, I told you I've read your blog...well, as it turns out I forgot the first part of your blog name and was bummed, but figured I'd run into you again...I recognized it the second I stumbled in here just now! YeeHaw!
I hope to make it to the Craven's tailgate sale, so I'll come say 'Hi'! Great blog, you've been a busy girl! (another) Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs