Sunday, October 3, 2010

* * * Gordon Skagit Farms PUMPKINS!! * * *

Since early childhood, nothing speaks *autumn* to me

as much as the pumpkin! It's totally

my favorite shape from nature,

the more ribbed/fluted

the better!!

My favorite *pumpkin patch* is Gordon Skagit Farms on

McLean Road in the Burlington/Mount Vernon area.

From heirloom pumpkins, to gourds, to squash,

to Indian corn, to corn stalks, to great

Halloween displays, this is a

must stop in Skagit


The beauty of the valley is the perfect backdrop

for this 30+ year institution in the

farm country.

Eddie inherited the farm from his parents and carries on

with this historical gem, adding his own

special touch with HUGE oil

paintings sprinkling the


His talent is awe-inspiring--just look at these scenes!!

Giclee prints will be available soon of these

local masterpieces, so keep in

touch with the farm.

Who doesn't LOVE white pumpkins?!!!!

Check out this GIGANTIC, gorgeous tree!!

I could have stayed all day, absolutely spell-bound by all the

eye-candy . . . if you want to get into the Halloween

spirit, this is your ticket--take the whole

family and be sure to get some

fresh apple cider!!!

. . . what more can I say . . . heavy SIGH!!!!!!

xoxo Debi


Peggy said...

Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures, Debi. It's almost like being there! I do envy you living where you can easily get to places like the Gordon Skagit Farms! Did you buy any pumpkins - a white one perhaps?!!!!!

Love you,
Peggy xoxo

Annie said...

Hi Debi,
I can't wait to see your next show and the magic you make....

Kristin said...

i wish we had a pumpkin patch like that in my little prairie...probably wouldn't want to leave!! ;0)

Anne Marie said...

wow Debi...that looks like a huge amount of inspiration there! and beauty!!! how nice to go and shop too!

your words were super sweet that you left for me on your comment at the farm...thank you so much...

Anne Marie

Retreat said...

Debi, thank you so much for sharing this fabulous local venue! We didn't know about it yet... will be heading there soon for some white pumpkins! ;0)

How's your ankle doing? Are you RESTING? {LOL}