Wednesday, October 6, 2010

* * * the wisdom of a children's book * * *

Having trouble concentrating today. Know I should be packing

for Sand Point Show this weekend, but somehow just

keep getting distracted. This children's

book wouldn't let go of me, and

now I know why!

While reading or scanning each antique book for sale--I'm fascinated by the

incredible level of detail, gorgeous depictions . . . especially in

children's books. This pop-up book is truly

extraordinary! As children, we're

encouraged to dream, even

fantasize. I have

trouble letting myself go, convinced

of all the *adult* things that must be accomplished.

Frankly, I wonder if my guard is down that I won't do a darned thing!!

When in *task master* mode, I'm convinced it's the way to

achieve my goals. But, is it . . . really?!

The magnificent absurdity of this book is reminding me

of the self-inflicted absurdity of my occasional (?)

O.C.D. Am I *enjoying* the journey?

Being a results-oriented person,

maybe not. so. much.

Continuing the distraction of this charming book, the truth literally

*lept* from the pages with this pop-up . . . .

Do these characters remind you

of anybody you know?

Please read the wisdom of children's poetry from 100 years ago (!)

. . . and we *pavement hawkers* think we're so

original and unique. I dedicate

this post to all my hard-working friends in the biz

(you know who you are--too many to list!).

* click on image to enlarge *

This diversion has made me very happy . . . hope it brought the light of

recognition and connection for you as well, pavement buds!

Now I can return to packing . . . a great

deal cheerier!!

~ xoxo Debi ~


Shelly said...

I think it's good that you took some reflective time,,,and look at what you uncovered!

I cannot imagine doing shows all the time like you do, getting ready for this ONE is tough! I admire your drive and determination, not to mention your taste and "eye" for detail, missy!

I was pretty wiped out creatively myself today, spent a good part of the morning "pitting out" my studio,,,,Wowza! I saw WHITE! (a bare crafting surface)

Tomorrow is another day! Hope you got to enjoy a little of the Sunshine!

Hugs and love you to pieces!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Wow, this is really amazing...the detail and workmanship that went into it. I'd be caught up in it also.
I'm getting ready to pack for a show and have been doing everything but that. It will happen;-)

Florence said...

I think we are all last minute people, I do better under pressure. Sounds like you had a great time enjoying this book. Have a great sale. Florence

AuroraSuzette said...

Ok. That book is amazing, as many of them tend to be. I'm a planner. But lately, many of the groups I work with are deciding what to do late in the game. As in the week before, so I'm scrambling too! If we are not too pooped, I'm thinking about Sandpoint. I'm in Ocean Shores the afternoon of Junk Salvation, so...

Summerland Style said...

Looks like we both had little "good for our souls" diversions! Good luck this weekend!

GardenGirl said...

Love it Deb...and thanks for the fun diversion ;)

See you soon,