Monday, October 11, 2010

What did you see at the Sand Point Market????

Here's a brief Saturday evening photo shoot . . . 8:30 PM.

It was a veeeery long set-up, but the

efforts were worth it,

I think . . . .

Hopefully, you'll get a pretty good idea

of what you might have missed

out on--WOWEE!!!

If you did spend Sunday with all of us, we thank

you most sincerely . . . as YOU are the

reason we keep following our

hearts, no matter what!

It's the LOVE!

Well, maybe if I'm truly honest with myself,

there could be just a touch of

artistic insanity?!

Nevertheless, it's a joy to know others share

in this journey, it's hardships and

happiness, as well as a

desire to please


The journey can sometimes be rough, and we all

connect with each other through these

difficult moments. But, in the

end, there is always the

elation of a job

well done.

If our efforts please and excite you, and your happiness

translates into the beauty we bring into your

lives and homes . . . then we are

truly at peace, making a

living with real


It takes people with some serious drive, talent and vision

to pull this off show after show. Customers'

expectations these days are very

high, and we feel very

bad if we miss

the mark.

Your feedback, support and encouragement mean far

more than words can express, so please

stay in touch with your thoughts,

expectations and ideas!

The beauty shown in these photos can't begin

to reflect on the true treasures these

hard-working vendors are

as people.

We may not be perfect, but we all try very

hard to please our customers!

Wish I had time to say more about the terrific vendors and

fabulous merchandise, but I've got only one day

left to regroup for the Lynden Show!

Please continue to support ALL of the wonderful venues

that are bringing a world of beauty for you

to enjoy and share!!!!

A special thanks to our friends Brenda and John who

hung around to help two droopy, tired

souls get the heavy stuff back

into the trailer--you

are the BEST!!

My apologies for not identifying the vendors responsible

for these amazing vignettes . . . please

email me if you have any

questions . . .

I promise to get back to you after Sunday!

Have a really great week . . .

. . . please come join me in Lynden this Thursday

through Saturday . . .

It will be a true country celebration of the best of Autumn!

xoxo ~ Debi


Maison Douce said...

Debbie, I was really hoping to make it there this weekend, but ended up not having the time...!!! Next time, I promise!!

AuroraSuzette said...

Echo Isabell's comment. And yes, it is killing me. Fingers crossed for next time.

Shelly said...

You know I was busy, but looks like GREAT stuff! Hope to make the next one! Have fun up North! I'd come up, but it's my Bday Thursday, I think the boys have something planned.

If I don't see you have a great show!

Hugs and love,