Monday, October 25, 2010

Ruffles & Rust . . . a review in photos

My head & heart are full of words and images I wish there was

energy to convey . . . but time is not on my side for

the luxury of expression. I give you

pictures worth a thousand

glowing words!

Words of appreciation are never enough when it comes to the

sacrifices made by this incredible man. Thanks, Jim,

for putting up with all the pressure and

huge stress with such grace!!!!

xoxoxoxo always ~ D.


Florence said...

They are certainly gems, aren't they? Florence

Sister Patty said...

ahhh... what wonderful photos! I thought this was a really nice show Debi... I hope it was wonderful for you. And so nice to finally meet Jim! See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a really great show , Debi.
Do you ever sleep? :)

Lisalulu said...

breathless! and beautiful, glad you had help!! that seems a necessity! YEA for YOU

Kristin said...

oh...sigh...everything looks absolutely amazing!! beautiful "words"...

Lisa of Lisa's Little House said...

It was a dream...a good dream!

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Deb, it was fun getting to meet you and your husband! He's a keeper! Hope you enjoy your bike. XO Glad & Celia/Junebug

Lipstick Gypsy said...

Hi Debi,
I found your blog today by accident...I mean...not accident...there are no FATE!!There..FATE!!! I really enjoyed my visit and became a follower(fan!!)I am visiting the Portland area this weekend and would love any leads on must-see vintage/antique haunts you might know of??

Drop in and say HI!! I am offering a giveaway on my

Peace,Love and GYPSIES!!

Lipstick Gypsy