Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Buck's Tavern has *moved* to Olalla!

The Gammills from Olalla purchased my Buck's Tavern sign at the recent

Ruffles & RUST Show.  Les emailed this to me today, showing

how fantastic the sign worked out for them--hooray!

Based on Les' email, I think they're happy.

And this makes me very happy too!

Isn't this room stunning?!!!!

* * * 

Hi Debi,

The sign is great!  We did take the Sultan part off.  It worked better for our needs that way. 

 Thanks to you for being so great to work with.  I have attached a photo for your blog, which, by the way, is 

terrific.  We hope to see you in the future!



Peggy said...

Debi, that sign looks GREAT in that room. I love it when you get to see the "finished product" from one of your customers. That is just so cool! Keep up the good work.

Love you
Peggy xoxo

paprika rose said...

Wow...loved this post! Thanks for sharing. Cheers...Agnes

Florence said...

Love that sign, how lucky they were to get that. Florence