Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ruffes & Rust Square . . . half-way there!

A bright, cold and sunny day accompanied

first-day-move-in at the *new* 

Ruffles & Rust Square

in Snohomish!

. . . a beautiful beginning to a 

new and exciting journey

with Timi & Annie,

opening March 1st!!!!!


Trisha Brink Design said...

Hey Deb,
Looks really cool! Can't wait to come check it out!

BTW, got your and I comment very differently. If I want to have access to follow up comments, I check the email me follow up comments box. I'm guessing you must've missed the double comment I left you on your "Ruffles & Rust" post last weekend? I know you appreciate me getting back to you on your I double commented on both mine and yours. I just felt an explanation was due...I didn't want you thinking that I didn't care :)

I hope your booth at the new Square goes really well; have fun setting up!

Trish :)


Hey neighbor! Your space looks amazing, can't wait to see it! The CREEK is rising because it wont stop snowing!!! Hoping to make it out soon, if not may have to build a snow man..... J & B