Sunday, February 20, 2011

If you weren't inspired . . . you weren't there!

The second Ruffles & RUST show in Monroe proved to

be even better than anticipated!!!

At this point, it's all a blur (including photos

 taken with a cell phone,

since I misplaced the camera--darn!)

The atmosphere was all charged up--GREAT vibe, lots 

of happy shoppers, fabulous hats and outfits

(which I couldn't take pics of--too busy!)


The great popularity of these new and highly inspired shows

is gaining full steam.  It's a joy having sooooo much to

look forward to this year.  This vintage industry 

just keeps getting better and better!!!

Thank you to all the friends, bloggers, show promoters,

fellow dealers and family help-mates who allow us

such a joyful path for *walking our talk*

by developing a green and creative

space for our *living*!!!

There is truly nothing else I would rather do--it's hard, hard 

work with high risk, extreme physical demands

and lots of unknowing.  Plenty of faith

in the blessings we have--and 

support from YOU--keep

us going . . . 

THANK YOU once again!!


GardenGirl said...

So glad you had a great show! Way to go Debi! Getting ready for The Flower and Garden Show, so had to miss it :(

See you soon,
Deb ;)

Debbie~ said...

Hi Debi,

I was there, but you were so busy and trying to get the ladder etc. etc., so it just wasn't a good time to visit with you! (Next time though). It was a wonderful show and I hope to be at many more this coming season! Big hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Shelly said...

It's your friend Shell,,,Not Debbie, Debra, or Debi! Wowza,,,,did we grow up in the 50-60's or WHAT? Truly? Half my friends were named some Variation of "Debbie" and I love them all,,,,and STILL DO!

Great photos, I'm glad you did well, I did too,,,as did Joyworks and Kim!

Please oh Please let me know when you and I can PLAY for a day or even a Half?????? I'll meet you wherever! I miss you my dear friend!

How's the neck/shoulders? Tee Hee!
You KNOW, "I've ALWAYS got your BACK!"

Love, Hugs and a big old Ruffles and Rusty Bus!

(I'm going to collapse ANY minute,,,,running on Fumes!!!)

Shelly said...

Oh my stars,,,too funny my security word was Cumbugyou.......I swear!


Ormolulu said...

Shell,that is just TOO funny!!!!!

Only YOU would land that one--how perfect !

xoxo Debi

Lisa of Lisa's Little House said...

I am just starting to peek my head out after this terrific weekend! Great to be 'down the hall' from you! What fun!

paprika rose said...

I'm inspired even though I couldn't attend! Thank you for posting pix and sharing. I enjoy all the eye candy:)

Trisha Brink Design said...

Debi, (in reply to my last post)
I hope I didn't pass off any bad germs to you and your sweet hubby on Saturday! It really hit me hard and fast later that afternoon...and by the time I was was all I could do to stand upright! Your booth was amazing my dear! (as always) I hope you did well, and that we will see you again soon!

On another note, I will go and check out Shells' blog...I've been before and loved it. So sad to hear about her friend. It makes me feel petty for being upset about the things I'm upset about. God has a real way of putting people in our pathways who have it worse than we do doesn't he? Thanks for sharing.

Lotsa love,

The Little Red Shop said...

It was great seeing you again! As promised, here is the link to my first post about Ruffles & Rust, which includes pictures of your lovely booth!

: )

Julie M.

ps Trish ~ I hope you feel better soon. My mom and I are sorry that we missed seeing y'all at the show.