Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2nd Saturdayz . . . this is a BIGGIE!!

THIS Saturday, March 12, at 8:00 a.m. for early birds . . . 

Warren Magnuson Park

at Sand Point . . . in the Workshop

of Hangar 30.

* * *

If you've not yet attended this gorgeous market,

don't miss this one!!!

* * *

After just completing the giant Portland

Expo, we're really looking

forward to reconnecting with all our

friends and customers here

at *home*.  Expo was a GREAT show!!!

But the real fun occurs in the smaller,

more intimate venues . . . "birds

of a feather flock together!"

See ya Saturday, little chickadees!!!!


lvroftiques said...

Hi Debi! I didn't notice before but you're in Bellingham? That's my home town!
Thanks for visiting my busts hehe! Sorry there's no way of writing that without it sounding baddd! Thanks for the offer but I'm going to keep my Joannie till the end *winks* Vanna

Dona said...

Hi Debi!

Just a quicky note inquiring if the rosary you're showing in the pic is still available? Hope you're well and hope your Saturday is a non-stop buyers frenzy:)


***I've visited your blog before but until recently when I clicked on and your picture was right there...I've never connected the dots-anyway, wonderful blog!!!