Monday, March 28, 2011

Pacific Galleries . . . a quick update.

Pacific Galleries in Seattle, WA, is really my most

challenging venue of all.  With over 800

dealers, there's a lot of competition

for the customers' attention!

I apologize for the poor quality of these photos.

Forgot my camera--again (!), so the colors

are off (too yellow).  But overall

it's a good, clean *redo* of 

the booth, and I'm

hoping it gets


Most people outside of this industry view it

as so *romantic* and *fun* . . . which

can certainly be true.   But it's the

deep passion that keeps me

going in this very tough

and sometimes quite

harsh business.

 * * * NO ROOM FOR SISSIES!!! * * *

I've never worked harder in my life--nor have

I felt so personally fulfilled.  When you're

doing something you  L O V E , there's

still a price to be paid; but it pays

you back in far more than

just money.  My heart

is full--if not my


If you haven't been to Pac Gal in awhile, do

stop by and see what's new--it's always 

changing and evolving.    You 

sure won't be bored!  Make 

sure you have plenty of

 time to wander!!!!

* * * *

xoxo ~ Debi


Lisa of Lisa's Little House said...

So is a labor of love...with rewards that can't be measured!
Booth looks FAB!

Lisalulu said...

I love hearing about your passion! It seems to keep you going, and the fact that you have quite a knack for the beautiful- items and arrangements- is your strongsuit!!!