Sunday, March 13, 2011

appreciation . . .

There's so much to feel good about after the 2nd Saturdayz Market

this past weekend.  It's quite hard to know where to start!

Gratitude for the continuing business our loyal

 customers and friends bring us each month. 

 Gratitude for the well-being of friends

 who have been put through 

very rough times lately.

( Jill, Deb & Bob,

Virginia . . . )

Gratitude for visits from people I totally respect, 

like Celeste and Dan of Chaps/Cake and

Lana and Erika of De Ja Neu (all

the way from Spokane)   . . . 

 a true testament to all

 the work that Linda

and Deb have 

been up to!

Gratitude for the help from my mate Jim and our son

Daniel . . . without whose wonderful help and

great attitude would've made for a much

more difficult (and not as lovely)

set-up.  (Daniel is NOT 

afraid of heights!) 

Gratitude for the continuing opportunity

to creatively make a living in these 

 (still) tough economic times,

 doing what is dear to

my heart!!!!!



Amy'svintagecottage said...

I second all of that! I totally know what your saying Debi, we are so very LUCKY compared to what others in the world are going through right now!

Summerland Style said...

Judging by your photo on this post, it looks like you brought along your magic touch to 2nd Saturdayz! Good luck up in Lynden this weekend. I'm going to TRY to come at some point. Key word being TRY.

ellen said...

I love those partridge and Kathy loves her frog..thanks so much!

Ormolulu said...

Hey Ellen & Kathy . . . since I can't answer you back (no email address), I'll THANK YOU back again here. It's a joy to know you love your treasures. That really makes my world go 'round!!