Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pacific Galleries . . . look again!!!!

You look . . . but do you see?????

There is so much going on all around us--so much competition

for our attention.  In a mall as big as Pacific Galleries, 

it's really tough to compete for the business. 

But we work VERY hard to shake it up and excite your senses!

This is a labor of absolute love, but we have no

real *contacts* in Seattle to connect

with, so it's been a bit of a 

struggle for us.

Despite two years of intense effort, we remain basically

outsiders in a VERY competitive design

landscape.  But I'm tenacious.

The exorbitant price of gas has stripped most of our profit

to the nubbins . . . I'm sure many of you are in the

same boat.  But we're grateful to be hanging

on and continuing to seek our

place in the sun!!!

This is truly some of the BEST merchandise we've ever offered!!

If you haven't been to Pacific Galleries in awhile, give yourself a 

real treat and drop by . . . make sure you have PLENTY of

time, as there is so much to see--enjoy, enjoy!!

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