Monday, May 2, 2011

2nd Saturdayz - Road Show in Snoho!!

This is THE biggest and bestest 2nd Saturdayz ever . . . a special

1st Anniversary celebration in SNOHOMISH!!  We 

are on the road with more treasures, great 

new vendors, free crafting table,

gift baskets for the first

20 buyers AND

a giveaway!

So--don't hesitate--go to 2nd Saturdayz and

sign up for the fun giveaway on 


Snohomish is expecting you . . . with many other great

shopping experiences to add to your day's 

treasure hunt.  Be sure to stop by

Ruffles & Rust Square,

Annie's, Faded




SAVE THE DATE:  Saturday, May 14th

More previews coming . . . this is just a teaser,

cuz Ormolulu's gonna be a pleaser!!

xo ~ Debi

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