Friday, May 20, 2011

Saturday in Snohomish . . . THE place to be!!

FIRST sale ever at Ruffles & Rust Square, tomorrow starting 

at 10:00 AM.  Don't forget the big Historic Snohomish

Antique & Art Street Faire . . . it's going to be 

sooooooo exciting and FUN!!!!


Peggy said...

I sure wish that the helicopter was gassed up and ready to go - darn that mechanic!!!! It sounds like a lot of fun. Sell lots or should I say - all you folks buy lots!!!! have a great day Debi.

Love U,
Peggy xoxo

Shelly said...

Okay,,,,Step away from the Pink Santa and Nobody gets HURT!

I saw it in your pile! You are a force to be dealt with! LOL

Hope you had a good day today,,,,,,it was fun, but a bit Chilly!

Hugs and Love,

PS....If you we're gonna give a friend a Pink Santa? Her Birthday is October 14th.....of course said friend would understand, if you had other plans for it and all,,,BUT it WILL be another "Milestone" Birthday for "said friend." I think it USED to be the age one reached when eligible for Social Security! Then again,,,,55 is the NEW 40...Right!