Sunday, May 1, 2011

Haystack Antiques . . . what a great party!

Sometimes, I feel like a kid on the outside of a candy store,

peering in wistfully.  Last night was NOT one of

those occasions!!  I was IN the candy store with the greatest

eye-candy makers anywhere!  Debbie Nordstrom's new 

shop in Bellevue, Haystack Antiques, has so much

to offer the discerning buyer.  Last night was a celebration

of the opening of this remarkable shop.  I was so

busy having fun and meeting up with these talented vendors

and friends, that I didn't take a single, new photograph.

Spirits were high for this great beginning of an enterprise that

we all hope will thumb it's nose at the "bad economy."

* * * *

We had the best time talking to Kirk Albert (looking totally buff!), Kristi Shoe

(best hug of the night!), Jon Rosichelli (photo of his booth above), 

Tom and Tom (Pac Gal) and John (nice to meet you!), Phil and BJ (always

lots of fun and laughter), Ginny and Jim (savvy, wonderful couple),  Gena Dolan Hagen 

(pronounced Jenna, Jenna, Jenna!!), Susan Wheeler (best shoes of the evening!),

Ken and Audrey (striking couple, striking stuff!),  Carole and Gunnel and Nikki from

Pac Gal (xo), and Matthew Culbert (interiors/repurposing genius!).

We really missed seeing Randi Astrom (Mutiny Bay Antiques) and Paula Williams, 

our friends from Whidbey Island (hey, WE made the drive, why not YOU?!) 

Disclaimer:  Accuracy (bad spelling or names inadvertently left out) 

of this post may be inversely proportional to amount of "Haystack Needle" 

 wine happily consumed--whee!!!!!!!  ;oD  

* * * * 

Thank you, Debbie Nordstrom and wonderful staff for a really

splendid evening . . . wishing you all GREAT success in this beautifully

compelling, new adventure in Bellevue!!!!!

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