Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2nd Saturdayz . . . little preview for Nov. 13

We're so looking forward to the November 13th 2nd Saturdayz

Market at Hangar 30 in Warren G. Magnuson Park in

Seattle, Washington. It's a market that's

fun, exciting, diverse and enjoyable

to participate in. It's truly

one of our faves!!

* * * *

See you again soon . . . with new merchandise

for your holiday celebrations certain

to please you!!!!

* * * *

Ormolulu will be on the WEST wall this time--about

mid-point of the building. Can't wait . . . really!!!!


Peggy said...

My goodness, but you have an assortment of wonderful goodies. I love the pink ruffly thing. Did we used to wear those?!!!! Have fun and SELL LOTS!!!!

Love U,
Peggy xoxo

AuroraSuzette said...

Love those Christmas ornaments, and that head, so good. Italian, isn't it? xx

Linda B said...

Sweet displays!!! Guide to Taxidermy? Hahahah, but you make it look so enticing.

Shelly said...

If you don't sell that sweet Madonna, let me know! She is Gorgeous!

I hope you are having great days! I've been hopping! Crafting and getting ready for Silver Bella! Ackk! Leave in a week!

Have a Great Show! Let's try and get together after the 15th..when I'm home from Omaha...! K?

Big HUGS, Love and a Bus!


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh how I want that petticoat is over the top girlie princess. :-) I'd have to wrestle my daughter for it, that's for sure.

My hubbs is having rotator cuff surgery on the 12th so it looks like I'm going to miss this one too. Oh for Pete's sake... I continue to play nurse. I think that'll be the last family surgery this year though.

Have a wonderful time.

Warm hugs,

fussbucket said...

Deb, as always, your photos are truly wonderful! The show was fabulous and so was your booth. I absolutely adore my giant pumpkin and cone bucket!!! Thank-you. In fact, it might continue to sit on our front porch until spring.... it may never rot! That's ok, I love Halloween... SEE YOU at 2nd Satz!!!