Friday, November 19, 2010

. . . fluffing "Madison Park 14" at Pac Gal . . .

It's a serious investment . . . trekking my best merchandise

once a week to Pacific Galleries in Seattle.

And then . . .

somehow figuring out how to blend disparate treasures into

a look that's appealing to customers who either feel

enticed in a *split* second . . . or

they walk right on by.

To say that it's competitive is an understatement!

It's truly an honor to be among so many highly talented dealers

and designers . . . but it can be intimidating!

Here are a number of items that Jim and I have created together . . . truly

one-of-a-kind! The above photo shows our industrial sand-cast

mold paired with a nautical cleat--totally sculptural and

impressive as an architectural element. The

lamp on the reclaimed wood table

is an antique, converted oil lamp base (copper & iron)

. . . paired with a shade made from bed springs!!!

Behind that (leaning against the wall) is a custom-made pot-rack

(or barn-art!) commissioned for construction from antique

horse tack!!! The small lamp with a black and

white shade (second photo) was a *lemonade* feat,

the inspiration occurring after accidentally breaking

an antique seltzer bottle . . . voila!

I search constantly and travel ceaselessly to find unique, artful

finds that may not fit everybody's view of beautiful.

Maybe "beautiful ugly?" (Actually, that's

a term the French use!)

I remain happily obsessed with

the hunt. To make a living from such entrenched passion

is pure joy to me . . . it's truly hard work, which I

fortunately LOVE!!!!

* * * *

xoxo ~ Debi (from snowy Bellingham Bay!!!)


GardenGirl said...

Hi Deb!
Great post;) We do work hard don't we? Mike and I visited Snowy Bellingham today, it was great.
So glad you'll be at the show in Dec. we're thinking we should focus on gifts since it's so close to Christmas. Would love your thoughts!
Happy Thanksgiving;)

BuNgAlOw BaY said...

Is that anywhere near Bungalow Bay? XO enjoy the snow :)