Tuesday, November 30, 2010

* * * * D r e s s ~ F o r m s * * * *

"Passion" in *my* dictionary spells: D r e s s ~ F o r m !
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Over the years, I've had the pleasure of owning many different

forms of the art--both male & female, of course!

The dress form above is may all-time favorite . . . now under the loving care

of Patty from "Gathering" . . . this antique was the hardest to

part with--for obvious reasons!!!

Construction may be wicker . . .

(Lost content here and can't figure out how to replace it . . . sorry!!!)

. . . or perhaps leather and iron!!!

. . . . there's a strange appeal to the many and varied forms of

"human/especially female/physical shapes"

in the realm of *couture* . . . .

For me, a show is not complete with at least one torso, hand,

head, dress form or mannequin to

complete the display.

I seem to attract them like magnets . . . maybe it's

"The Secret"!!!!!!

Whatever "it" is, I feel blessed to have this art-form in

my repertoire. Many of these lovelies have been

sold . . . but a few are still at home!

If you're on the *hunt*, please drop me a line,

and I'll check to see if my "quiet little

family" can spare a member!

This post is in celebration of my ALL NEW HEADER, which Jim

patiently (?) helped me to reconstruct. The New Year

lies ahead . . . and I'm searching for better

and better ways to bring a world

of beauty to your life!!

Thanks once more to my kindred-spirit customers who

appreciate what I do and encourage me

to continue--even when it may

be difficult to stay the


The Holiday Season is in full swing . . . and the upcoming

as 2nd Saturdayz will be brimming with

amazing treasures for your holiday

gift shopping and lots of

good cheer!!!

PLEASE SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS . . . we are here for YOU!!!!


Peggy said...

I like your new header, Debi. Bright and relevant! It is amazing how those dress forms seem to find you - they are talking to each other!!! LOL!

Miss you,
Peggy xoxo

Kristin said...

simply stunning!! i was lucky enough to find ONE dress form in my junking life...needless to say she hasn't strayed far from the prairie! ;0)

Sister Patty said...

What a WONDERFUL post!!! Your photos are fantastic... and I really love your new header. Good job Jim! Hope to see you at Sandpoint or 2nd Saturdayz!

Carol said...

I love dress forms ,as well! You have some REALLY nice ones! All I have is "Jewel", she's a jewelery mannequin that I've dressed up.
Carol from GA

liz said...

you know how much I loved that dress form . . . so glad it found a wonderful home!! I Simply LOVE this post and the new direction!! :) - liz