Sunday, November 14, 2010

2nd Saturdayz . . . moments of *JOY*!!!

Sometimes, the true definition of a "successful show" doesn't

necessarily lie in the profit margin. To make people

truly happy--people who "get it" about what

you have to offer--can bring the

greatest *JOY*

Please share my very best moment

One of my "unhappy" moments, however, was realizing I'd forgotten

my beloved camera . . . these cell-phone photos are fuzzy,

"color-crazy" and just not-up-to-snuff.

But . . . better than nada!!

REMEMBER, if you see something desirable . . . please

check with me to see if it's still available!!!

The incredible detail of this tiny, black Victorian

blouse is ASTONISHING!! The back

is just as amazing as the

front too!!!

I meant to show a picture of the shabby garden chairs

from Billie of Brocanteur Vintage, but it

didn't turn out . . . THANK YOU,

Billie for the *JOY*!

. . . large antique photo of beautifully dressed woman,

behind cast iron furnace grate (GREAT!).

Giant, red "Detecto" grocery scale (with metal *basket*)

. . . check out that FAB, shabby enamelware oval platter!

Look, Theresa . . . big angel wings, just like on your happily-flying

$100-dollar-bill!! You are an angel to me, and I'm so

glad you and Elias are HAPPY too!!!

JOHN/Bob's "toilet paper roll ornament" that I received from the swap

is pictured above . . . the metal boy figural in my

kitchen cabinet nook is holding the

ornament--thank you Bob,

it's PERFECT!!

* Oh, JOY *

Thank you dear Bobbie for the glitter star . . . a lovely surprise

at the end of a very tough couple of days-- oh *JOY*!

* * * *

Thanks to Linda, Debi, Geoff, and Frank (and Virginia for

*my* angel wings) for the hard work. These shows

don't happen without a LOT of effort by

promoters and vendors alike!

* * * *

PLEASE, dear customers . . . if you enjoy these fantastic shows,

continue to spend time with us and invest

in something you truly LOVE (like

Theresa & Elias did!)

* * * *

YOU, YOU, YOU are the reason we are here!!!!!


Theresa said...

Thank you again Deborah! So fun to see a bit of our story on your blog. We are truly thrilled with our new "Chester" or as my mom put it, our "banana baby" :)

Theresa said...

Thank you again Deborah! So fun to see a bit of our story on your blog. We are truly thrilled with our new "Chester" or as my mom put it, our "banana baby" :)

Sheila @ Dodging Raindrops said...

What an awesome story! I'm a faithful 2nd Saturdayz shopper. :)

Peggy said...

I just love a story with a happy ending! The sofa was meant to be with the couple that bought it! Thanks for sharing the photos and story, Debi. See you soon!!!!

Love U,
Peggy xoxo

Billie said...

I hope you get plenty of joy from the garden chairs. It was great to meet you and I hope to see you again at December's 2nd Saturdaz event.

Brocanteur Vintage

GardenGirl said...

Thanks for being part of the junk tribe deb...a hearty lot we sre ;)

And thanks for being an important part of 2nd Saturdayz


Shelly said...

Hey Girlfriend!

Looks like you had a great show and what a fun story,,,,I shed a tear and an "Awwwww!"

Just back from Silver Bella, was great as was the Antiquing we did in Walnut Iowa!

You are going to die when you see the wallpapers I bought in Iowa! Oh my Stars! (Had them shipped may be a few days before I post images)

Let's talk soon and see if we can find a time to get together, K?

Love you to pieces!

liz said...

Love the first picture . . . soooo sweet!! :)