Sunday, November 21, 2010

. . . iced in, so might as well decorate!

With this icy weather, it was a very good excuse to

break out the eggnog, put on Christmas

music, and start the holiday

decorating (better

than cleaning,


Just worked on the enclosed front porch today. With the snow outside,

it made sense to bring the outdoor colors in . . . shades of white,

galvanized gray, pale gold, tarnished silver,

and muted, earthy browns grouped

in simple vignettes.

Taxidermy is always part of our seasonal decor,

and I just love this little, white goose

in front of the iron wreath

on the baker's rack.

This chippy, white Victorian door is just leaning

against the wall with a metal wreath

chock-full of holiday symbols.

The angel santos mimics

the rustic door


I don't now recall how many shows we displayed this gorgeous white

cabinet in . . . but I'm thrilled it didn't sell!! It's the

perfect backdrop to this artfully simple

grouping--but the dress form is

"dolled-up" just a bit!

* * *

. . . one room done well ahead of schedule.

Just LOVE "snow days" when

there's an excuse to do

what I want!!!

* * *

Hope you are staying warm and safe!!


shirl said...

You are amazing my friend. You'd think a lil of your gift would have rubbed off on me by now!!! LOL... Honored to have you in my life!

Ormolulu said...

Well, that is a a wonderful compliment, Shirl--thank you! And it's a joy to have you in my life too!!

xo Debi

Retreat said...

Ahhhhhhhh....beautiful! Love the restful feel you have 'curated' in your home ;0)

Debi, are you selling that perfectly chippy door? Or is it a 'keeper'? If you are selling it, send me info on price and measurement - that's JUST what I'm looking for for our new house entry!

Deb @ Retreat

Linda Q said...

I am loving it, with your touch I bet your house always looks fabulous!
More more....

Junebug Furniture and Design said...


We have enjoyed getting to visit with you and Jim at some of the recent shows!

Love your style!

Thanksgiving Blessings to you and Jim! XO Glad & Celia

AuroraSuzette said...

It looks lovely. I especially like that Santos, and the goose. Nicely done. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.