Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yesssss . . . it's the 2nd Saturdayz' Spring Market!!!

The weather has been fickle . . . 

Spring is on the calendar but NOT in the air!

But we've got that all covered for

you at 2nd Saturdayz,  where


Realizing you have many options for the weekend,

we are prepared to DAZZLE you with

beauty and COLOR . . . just what you need

after the cloudy days we've been

pretty much mired in, don'tchathink?!

I just feel HAPPY looking at this collection of 

robin's egg blue antique enamelware!

So "stick your tongue out" at the lingering "Lion of March"

and join us 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. this Saturday

at Magnuson Park in Seattle.  We are prepared to WOW you

and jump-start the weekend with great JOY!!!

I can't show you EVERYTHING . . . this is just a little tease!!!

Come and join the festivities . . . fill your garden

shed and home with light and love!!!

 ~ xoxo Debi ~


Peggy said...

Very colorful and beautiful things! Have a good show:)

Love U,
Peggy xoxo

GardenGirl said...

Looks beautiful...see you Friday :)

liz said...

always love blue . . . and LOVE the lights . . . are they navy blue?? are you selling them?? Let me know :) :) liz

Ormolulu said...

Thanks, Liz!

Yessss . . . the lights ARE for sale! Gunmetal gray (dark) and white (inside) enamelware (nautical) refurbished and rewired pendant lights. Perfect condition!!! (set of 6 available). Email for details:

Hugs to you,


Florence said...

Love that blue enamel ware! wow! Florence

Debbie~ said...

Hi Deb, Everything looks awesome! I looove your granite ware collection, some interesting pieces for sure. I was able to visit RR last week, and without knowing, your booth is where I spent most of my time! I read all those adorable pink trimmed helpful hints, they're so much fun!Great space, I wish you much success! xo Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Fishtail Cottage said...

Hi Debi~ Just wanted to come over to say hello - it was so nice to meet you at Ruffles and Rust Square last weekend.....when i am able to secure the arched window piece i bought from you - i'll be sure to let you know. xoox, Tracie