Monday, April 4, 2011

Lynden Show . . . looking back & looking forward . . .


Having recently received this rather glowing message from Judy and

Trudy of the Lynden Craft & Antique Show,

I asked if it would be okay to blog-show

you their thoughtful and MUCH

appreciated comments.  

* * *

From my perspective, this is not a brag session--and I hope

you'll connect to how much this type of

communication can make or

break the enjoyment

of any kind of $


* * *

This genuinely positive note made

my heart soar . . .  and, while I need the money  to

live on,  I crave this type of life-giving, creative validation

just as much.  Thank you Judy

 and Trudy!!!


                                  We cannot thank-you enough for how much beauty, style and intrigue you 
                                  brought to the Show.  Those unique items always bring so much interest to 
                                  your booth.  Of course, such grand displays make one feel like they could
                                  be in an art/antique gallery.  We are amazed at your exceptional talent for 
                                  making a space that draws one in to treasure hunt.   We love the photos of 
                                  your booth and cannot believe how many interesting vignettes you create 
                                  in that space.  It is very clear that you truly love what you do!

                                 We also appreciate all your great promotion of the Show.  We value your 
                                 reminders of what shows to attend and especially thank-you for putting in 
                                 a good word with other dealers.

                                 Just wanted you to know we appreciate and realize how much we benefit 
                                 from all your hard work and talent.

                                 With warm gratitude,

                                 Judy & Trudy 
                                     *WCC Promotions*

                                 P.S.  One of my very discriminating shopper friends told me that your 
                                          booth has a real pull to "have to see" one-of-a-kind treasures so
                                          very few have.  She is honest and I believe her!  I really know that 
                                          anything that looks so grand, has lots of work & heart behind it!


Peggy said...

Oh, that brought tears to my eyes, Debi, especially knowing how much you love what you do and knowing that you have not always received positive feedback for what you do. You have ignored the negative and done your business with much grace and now it seems that it is paying off for you. Keep up the good work dear heart. You so deserve it. I love your friends for acknowledging your great efforts!

Love U 2,
Peggy xoxo

The Cloth Shed said...

Such kind and positive comments from the organisers....doesn't it make all your hard work worthwhile knowing how much your efforts are appreciated!
Julie x

Trisha Brink Design said...

Debi, How lovely! Judy and Trudy truly are wonderful ladies, and I believe they have the gift of encouragement. I hope this truthful letter encourages you for every show you it is such a true statement of you and your booths. Wish I could've been at the show to see the booth...but so thankful you always post such lovely photos of what you've been up to at all your shows. Hope to see you soon. :)


Anonymous said...

On 4/5/11 9:11 AM, Corey J wrote:

Judy & trudy hit the nail right smack on the head!
Need I say more.

NICE JOB ! ! !

Ormolulu said...

Awww, thanks Peggy, Julie, Trish & Corey!!!

You really done my heart good . . . and coming from people I love and respect, it's all the more wonderful!!

xoxo Debi