Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Good Stuff: Ruffles & Rust Square

It's hard to "see" everything in a space--so I try to shake it up

pretty regularly . . .  moving things around and

remerchandising.  Keep'in it  fresh!!

Can you see that darling double-

decker coat/hat rack sitting

on the farm table???

Have you noticed the repurposed industrial lighting, designed with 

vintage parts and all new electrical wiring??!  The big one on

the left is a very old granary funnel, topped with a

rusty washing plunger & heavy, old chain!

Plenty of "drop" is available,  but it 

had to be shortened to prevent

 tall people ~ like Todd ~ 

from running into it.
The  pendant light

 on the right is a 

vintage milk 

strainer and

metal frog 


With so many smalls, the booth needed more structure . . . .

We picked up this  AWESOME  birdhouse hutch at

Island Chicks (thanks Kim!!).  It used to be at

Bunnies by the Bay in LaConner.  But

now it's settled into a new home!!

But not for sale . . . yet!!!!

Without enough wall space to hang this ENORMOUS and

amazing rusty mirror, I wonder if anyone is even

noticing it on the floor?  Big mirrors like this

are getting very hard to find!!!!!!

(Hangs in either dimension.)

If you haven't been to Ruffles & Rust Square lately . . . please

come in and LOOK AGAIN!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Tonya says...
The birdhouse hutch looks AMAZING with your stuff! Kim will be proud! XO

Peggy said...

Very nice post, Sis! Your pictures look great, your space looks great and you do have some amazing things. Keep up the good work.

Love U,
Peggy xoxo <3

Linda Q said...

Oh I always wanted those Bunnies by the Bay shelves, thought they were so cute but they were their displays. Great score. Love it but now I have no need or room but wanted them for my doll room.

Trisha Brink Design said...

Hey Debi....I DO love your blue collection! So springy...and lovely! I even recognized the fun birdhouse hutch! Yay for you! Don't sell'll never find another one like it I'm sure! See you soon dearie....