Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Dad . . . who I miss beyond words!!!

This was my Dad . . . legally my "step-father" . . . when he graduated

from high school in the 1930's at Walla Walla High School

(yep, Walla Walla, Washington).  I choose this photo

because it's also graduation season for many

high school students right now (yo

Eric Von Eggers in 


I also choose this photo because it shows what a promising

young man he was--with dreams, like all of us!

I lost my wonderful Dad when he was

only 54 years young (I'm almost

57 now) of a rare form of

cancer.  I still can't

believe he is


There is a BEAUTIFUL story of how he fell in love with my Mom.

He worked at the Walla Walla Union Bulletin as a printer.

Each day, he'd go to a local cafe--just across the

alley from the newspaper--to have lunch.

LaNell (my Mom), was a waitress who

he quickly fell head-over-heels

in love with.  They were

married THREE



Mom had four of children (but my brother John was forced by the court

to stay with our paternal father--long story), but Robert J.

took the three of us on as his own when he married

the beautiful Rosa LaNell.  Good thing he

had no idea what he was in for!!

I honestly never recall 

thinking he was

ever  *NOT*

my "real"


On this eve of Father's Day, I celebrate my legal "step-father", but

truly my only REAL father:  Robert J. Pudwill (tough

name to grow up with . . . "Puddy" to most of my

friends . . . and, if you call me that, 

prepare to die! ;o)

Dad gave me a belief in my intellect.  He gave me a sense

of true confidence I doubt I would have had without

him.  He gave me a role model for a mate

who would be a gentleman.  He 

gave me a real understanding

of what it would be like

to take on someone

else's child(ren).

I had NO IDEA at the time of the sacrifices he made for

all of us . . . and the total love and devotion he

had for my mother astonishes me to this

day!  I've never seen such a close

relationship since he and

my Mom were 



This is my loving tribute to my Father . . . Happy Father's, Dad!!!

"Rotsy-totsy-ra-ta-ta . . . boom-boom, boom-boom

boom-boom, BOOM!!!  


your daughter, Deborah Kaye   

a.k.a. "Chubby", "Effy", "Best-Kept-Secret-in-the-Neighborhood"

. . . wish you could see me now!!!


Peggy said...

WELL said Debi!!!! You certainly are very good at expressing the emotions and you captured perfectly how it was to grow up with our Dad. He accepted totally the responsibility of raising us which I am sure was not easy, especially when we got to high school - tee hee hee!!!! I have no memories before he came into our lives which just about says it all. Love and miss you Dad - Happy Father's Day.

Love you,
Peggy xoxo

Judy said...

That is beautiful! I was married before and then divorced. I met my wonderful hubbie and he whole heartily took on the responsibility of my young daughter with total love. To my daughter, Stephen is her Dad. He was there to show her how to ride a bike, discover the countries around the world on a globe in her room, wipe her tears and walk her down the aisle last September. She chose a man just like him. //what a blessing. Fatherhood is not always blood but who is there loving you. xoxo

BarbForcier said...

I agree Peggy, very, very nice Debbie. You are a great writer.

Lisalulu said...

I really enjoyed that. Thank you. Such a special Dad. a true Dad

Ormolulu said...

Thanks for all the nice comments. Really, it's hard to capture what a special man my Dad was--I could go on and on. Some of you know I'm a pretty "unsung" step-momster . . . and I love Jim's children--even if they don't love me back. My Dad gave me more than he would ever know, just by the example he set with his devotion to his wife and her (wonderful!) children.

You all made my day by expressing your feelings! Blessings to you . . . .

xoxo Debi

Vintage Home said...

...Lovely story thank you for sharing!