Monday, June 20, 2011

Ruffles & Rust Square - Update/Booth "Fluff"

One of the biggest challenges of committing to shows, along with 

renting mall spaces, is keeping everything "fresh and new"

no matter the schedule  . . .  and ours has

been extremely HECTIC!!

We devoted most of the day to an update of our beautiful

space at Ruffles & Rust Square.  Not only is there

fabulous new merchandise, but we also moved

a lot of schtuff around--just to see if you're

looking!!  It seems our eyes get "tired"

of seeing items in the same place

and--after awhile--we just

can't see things right

in front of us!

It's definitely worth another look, as we also MARKED DOWN

a number of furniture items--some quite significantly!!

New items include two absolutely GORGEOUS chandeliers,

seashells, a gray-weathered wood slats table, 

various smalls (the coolest BBQ 

skewers ever!!!) and a 


Monopoly Game "top hat"!

There's an oversized "instructional music sheets" stand-up

teaching aid, a vintage "bamboo-style" fishing 

rod for your cabin or cabin-style home,

and several very nice pieces

of very soft GRAY 


 Hope you like the new look to our booth!!

* * *

Now, on to packing for Retreat Vintage Market

on Camano Island this SATURDAY.

It's gonna be STUNNING!!!!!


Peggy said...

Your space looks lovely Debi. You have some very nice things. Two things that come to my mind about your space are that 1) you trigger the customer's imagination. You set a gorgeous stage that allows customers to imagine something in their own home! And 2) you pay attention to getting attention. Your space makes a dramatic statement that allows the customer's to visualize something in their own home. You do nice work my lovely sister!

Love You Bunches,
Peggy xoxo

Ormolulu said...

Awww shucks, Peggy . . . you know how much those kind words mean to me. Thank you!!!!

Love you bunches 2
Debi xoxo