Sunday, June 26, 2011

Retreat Vintage Market photos

In case you didn't make it to the Retreat Vintage Market on 

 Camano yesterday . . . I snapped a few photos of our

booth in the weeee hours of the morn,

just prior to the sun popping

out and gracing our

entire day!

Seems like I always end up putting the final touches on our

displays and can't make it around to capture the

other FANTASTIC booths that were

so impressive & tempting!

But I'm certain there will be plenty of beautiful images that

will be shared by Retreat, Barn House, Auntie

Joy, Seabold Vintage Market, Sisters

Antiques, Garden Party and

others . . . . . ! 

There was a steady stream of customers coming to

the market ALL DAY LONG . . . WOW!!

And this is just the beginning. . . can't wait to see what Deb

and Bob will create for the next Retreat vintage event!

You KNOW it's gonna be even better!!!!

Our sincerest thanks to all the charming happy customers, the 

talented vendors who turned the pasture into "magic", 

and to Deb & Bob and their kind family . . . who

worked night and day to make this show a

fantastic success!   We were so glad

to be part of your *new baby*!! 

Speaking of *baby* . . . we're pleased as punch to have Tracie

Fish (Fishtail Cottage) give our baby a 

wonderful new home!!!!!!

xoxo ~ Debi



Judy said...

Absolutely amazing!

Florence said...

Thanks for sharing, glad the show was all that you wanted it to be! Florence

Linda Q said...

Really really wanted to make it but was in to much pain to come out. So needed to rest. But looks wonderful and Tracie is a nice gal, glad she got something fun from you! Still loving my jewelry casket!! Hugs, Linda

The Cloth Shed said...

Looks fantastic...wish we had shows like that in the UK.
Have a good week,
Julie x

gypsiechick said...

Busy day at Re-Feather Your Nest, I'll be taking September 17th OFF for sure. Glad you had a beautiful successful day!

Vintage Green said...

Oh...that lucky (smart) Tracie Fish!!

liz said...

Your booth was AMAZING - as always!! :) :) Soooo much talent!!! xoxo

Ormolulu said...

Thanks so much to all of you for the very nice comments . . . frosting on a very sweet cake!!!!

xo Debi

Debbie~ said...

Bummed I couldn't go to Retreat, (we hosted a family party at our house that day)...Your booth looked AmAzInG, I see a couple of things that made my heart go pitter patter! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs