Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Farm Chicks - people first!

What a whirlwind!!!!  I never ventured out of my booth for two days. 

 Missed all the GREAT displays, so hope they get posted

on blogs and Facebook.  I'm doing two posts for

you . . . this one being the delightful 

people at Serena's dinner--the

only time to just talk & 

  enjoy the moment


(photos only . . . rushing to get this out

and then travel for a few days 

 to visit friends in


I apologize for not having the time to put the names in . . . if you're

not here, it's cuz the photo will be used for blackmail

purposes at a later date (i.e. bad photo!!). 

He-he-he!!!!   Love to ALL of

you!!!!! xoxoxoxo

1 comment:

liz said...

Deb . . . it was sooo fun to see everyone - although never enough time to really chat it up - lol :) Your booth was absolutely amazing this year - you really ROCKED the Farm Chicks show - and your signage was sooo cool!! Hope you are getting some rest!! :) xoxo - liz