Saturday, August 7, 2010

summer wedding in the summer rain . . . .

Laura Campbell of MoonRose in LaConner was
selected by Tami & Brian for creating their
wedding decor at the rustic Beau Lodge
in Bow, Washington. With a
forecast for *some* rain,
it poured on us all day
during setup.

Despite that, you will see from the MANY photos I'm sharing
here that the splendid surroundings made it
all worthwhile . . . and Tami herself
considered it a sign of good
luck that it was

The bride selected colors in a festive range,
and her personal touches were just
fabulous. Table seatings were
identified with personal
photographs of the

Disposable cameras were placed on each table for guests
to use during the celebration. Flowers were
placed into turquoise canning jars
that Laura laced with beads
on copper wires.

Brightly colored Chinese lanterns were hung from the
rafters, adding a beautiful lift to a rainy
day--organic touches were part of
Tami's superb combinations
of the hip color palette.

This was clearly no *white wedding*! We were
thrilled to work with such exciting
ranges of color . . .

Beau Lodge is a little jewel nestled in
the wooded countryside of
Bow--just right for an
intimate event!

This giant sunflower in a bird's nest
was beribboned to hold the
bride's and groom's

Music from the steel drums was a perfect addition
to the upbeat feel of this wedding,
and the Caribbean vibe seemed
right at home with the
poetically serene

. . . note the lovely rain. You could just feel
how happy the flora and fauna were
to have a long, cool drink.
The natural beauty was

More of Laura's elegant touches in the entry . . . .
This cherub-on-swan is one of her signature
(and very popular) wedding props.
If you've been to MoonRose in
LaConner, you know how
good her taste is!!

I was a real *tree hugger* today, wrapping
this big tree with it's own wedding
bow-tie--note directional
signs for guests.

Did I mention the rain?!

Table scapes included bird nests
combined with succulents
and woodsy ferns.

Ye olde Watering Hole . . . .

Laura and her partner, Casey, fashioned
this wedding sign from an old
iron frame--we added
Boston Ivy to soften
the look.

With only six hours to set up all the decor,
Laura & I were concerned we wouldn't
make it--but Tami, Brian and
many friends were all
pitching in!

Dragging my soaked, achey body home for a hot bath,
I hoped the bride, groom and wedding party
all had a grand time together. They
certainly had the right spirit
for this occasion--lots
and lots of smiles
on all those

Thanks, Laura, for letting me be part of your amazing displays.
I know how hard you worked on this--so much goes
into it behind the scenes, and you can be
proud of what you accomplished!

Congratulations to the lovely couple . . . Tami & Brian, I hope
you have many, many wonderful years together
and that it was a magical day/evening for
everyone sharing your important
and very special event!!

xoxo Debi


Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Congratulations to Tami & Brian. What a beautiful day they must have had. The decorations are absolutely stunning. Great job!!

Peggy said...

Oh my, it looks like an absolutely beautiful spot for a wedding. It does look so magical and I love all the decorations. I bet you had fun doing that;)

Love ya,
Peggy xoxo

GardenGirl said...

Awe Deb! Beautiful job...I am definitely in "Wedding Land" this month myself! From Anderson Island to Stanwood at Tazer Farms and then to Tacoma at the "Glass Museum"! It's a joy to interpret the different personalitys of the couples, looked like you captured this couple perfectly!

Rest up, bless your day;)

Ormolulu said...


I take NO credit for the actual design--that was Laura Campbell of MoonRose. (I was just a worker bee.) She did an incredible job with a very small budget. I'm proud of her!!

Can't wait to see the photos of your upcoming events!

xo Debi

Shelly said...

What Gorgeous Colors and images Debi! Looks like it was a fun event to take part in!

Loved the "wrap" and signs on the tree!

Thanks for sharing!

Hugs and Love,