Tuesday, August 17, 2010

another great quote from Geneen Roth . . . .

This gorgeous photo (courtesy of Robin Moses), taken at

Angel Lavender Farm in Sequim,

Washington, represents the feeling of peacefulness

I feel when reading Women Food and God.

I don't necessarily agree with her views on spirituality,

but any path to love of both self and others, is good in my world.

* * * *
Here's another quote I liked:

"Some people have to go to India," I tell my students. "Some people
believe they need gurus or esoteric practices. But you have
food--and it is your greatest teacher. If you are
willing to engage with yourself--rather than run from
yourself--and if you are willing to be steadfast and not get
seduced by the newest greatest diet, you already
have what people go to India to get. Right there on your
plate, right smack in the middle of your day-to-day life, you
have your way back to the truth."

The hard part is not big starry openings, as dramatic and sought
after as they are. Insights are daily occurrences . . .
sensing your body, putting aside time every morning to sit
quietly, disengaging from The Voice, learning and
practicing inquiry. Real change happens bit by bit. It takes
great effort to become effortless at anything.

There are no quick fixes.

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