Monday, August 9, 2010

Heavy Metal . . . Lynden Tractor Pull!!

Here's a tiny bit of irony . . . but at least I caught your attention.

This was the ONLY pink/cute item at this

testosterone-driven event!

Love it . . . .

The Puget Sound Antique Tractor and Machinery Association

held this annual event at Berthusen Park in Lynden

August 4 - 7. (Sorry this post is late.)

There was a lot of farm pride and American spirit--joined by

Canadian spirit--at this competition/show.

The love these folks have for

their machines is

fun to see!

The range of tractor types was really astonishing . . .

the braun of these iron beasts was

impressive, as well as their

surprising beauty!

American farming has taken quite a beating in the past twenty years,

and it's so sad to see how many farms just can't make it,

despite having been around for generations.

This event was an ode to those great

families. Please continue to

support your local


It's hard to convey in photographs, but the massive

architecture and power of these treasures-

of-the-past are really breath-


While being transported to another time, it was clear

how very connected to the present these

mechanical marvels are . . . .

Hope you enjoyed this antique tractor feast in Lynden, Washington.

The upcoming Lynden Craft & Antiques Show is right

around the corner . . . a different feast awaits

your viewing enjoyment. More

to come--stay tuned!!

xoxo Debi

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Nana's Fun Stuff said...

What cool antique tractors :) Of course my all time favorite is the cute white/pink one :) Thanks for the tip of the Lynden Craft & Antique show too :)