Sunday, August 22, 2010

. . . what's on your fridge ? ? ? ?

Okay . . . I'll admit it: I've never liked pictures/stuff on my fridge door!!!

(Will lightening bolts come down and eliminate me from the planet?!)

Having seen so many refrigerator doors literally *covered* in

sweet sentimentality . . . what's wrong with me that I

don't like that?! Oh no . . . it's creeping in!!!

1960's sweeeeeet pic of my Jim.

So much about him is *still*

right there: no really bad or

*mean* disdain (only pretend) of the

moment--with his first "jack-o-lantern".

(Can just imagine him saying: "No way will I admit that I

like this . . . !"). Note the tiniest , little tip

of his three-year-old tongue

saying . . .


(He is just as sweet--but just as much *sweetboy*--today!!)

Do we really ever change deep in the heart?????

Innocence is always a part of our

better selves, no??!

The only other thing on my fridge (other than the top--another post!!)

is this INSPIRATION. Struggling with my increasing age,

against my growing appetite for experiencing life . . .

I find this quotation supremely motivating.

Hope you do too! With love,

* Debi *

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