Thursday, August 5, 2010

. . . a perfect afternoon with Shell . . .

Shelly Rollins of Bungalow Bling and I met at Skagit Valley Gardens

for lunch at the Garden Cafe. She's my *first* met-through-blogland buddy,

and I'm sooooo glad we got together. Too much fun in too little time!!

Not a moment's silence between us--comfortable, easy conversation

right from the get-go. Shell knows what's most precious

in life and shows it with gusto!

She's a very creative spirit who shares

my passion for vintage (duh!!). Working at Joyworks in Snohomish,

she has a quick eye for textiles, color and potential

for vintage items to upcycle and repurpose.

I don't have a creative crafter bone in my body and am in awe of

what Shelly sees in her mind's eye. I know, cuz we went SHOPPING

together after lunch--what fun to see what she spotted!

(Skagit Valley Gardens purchased this

fabulous "Jewelers" sign from yours truly)

Short on time, and focused on the task at hand (did I say SHOPPING?!),

there was no time for photo-ops . . . a mad dash to LaConner to

visit Mary Davis Lighting (so glad Mary is feeling better after a real

scare with a nasty virus!!). LOVE her shop!

Then a quick stop at Egg and Dart . . . Shell found some gorgeous

vintage ribbon for her projects. Ran out of time, although we wanted to stop

by MoonRose and Hutch Studio (next time for sure!).

Dashing off to Mount Vernon to catch Dilly Dally and the Red Door

before they closed . . . whew, we did it!!!

I came home with the best treasure of all . . . thank you Shelly for

this darling wall vase with flowers from her yard (oh, look, it has

a Frenchie lady on it!). We certainly crammed a lot of fun into just a

few short hours together--can't wait for another road trip

and another perfect afternoon with Shell.

xoxo Debi


Shelly said...

It WAS a kick in the pants, wasn't it! I had a GREAT time too,,and awww shucks, you are too kind!

Hey,,,that photo isn't half bad considering no makeup and sweatin' like a swine! Ha! But,Lordy "get me to the Color technician and fix that hair color SOON!)

Trip to the Penninsula soon! Let's talk!

I had a blast "my Dear!"

Hugs and love,
(And now into the Dungeon to play with my new ribbon! Score!)

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Looks like you and Shell had a wonderful time :) Good for you!! Beautiful country in the valley that's for sure. I need to get up there more! Have a great day!